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    Hello everybody Sorry for my poor english .
    So : I do big mistakes tryin to find my forgiven bios password .I use a tool under ubuntu , and it was the end.
    I understood i had bricked bios board so i wanted to recover it .
    All usual recovery method were unsuccesfull but i found a last ultimate hope
    called "JTAG port ", i looked at
    "" but i really want to understand what is
    "identify if you have one of this ports and how to build a simple cable that you connect to your working computer and reflash the dead BIOS chip.
    For now just a link to wikipedia, but dont worry you wont need one of the expensive devices to connect to the working computer, couse this days I successfuly recovered bricked board with EJATG port using this simple cable."

    I am conscious that it is not the simplest thing but I know there are real pro on MDL
    and i promise a good bottle of wine ( not bullsh***) in case of great victory of the man on the machine.

    With my respect , elocolococytos

    I give details for the laptop : Acer 8920 G , phoenix bios . If you need mrre details , i 'll be glad to answer you.