[Problem:] Unresponsive network in W10TH2 or W10TH1

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by moderate, Dec 2, 2015.

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    with W10 I have a feeling, that my network connection is less responsive on my requests.

    For example, when I load new page in browser in W811 the page always appears in 1s after I hit <Enter>.
    However W10 nearly always let me waiting, sometimes 5s, sometimes 10s. Short time after the connection is established, it is still quite OK, but when I return to running computer the network is remarkably slow. This doesn't apply at throughtput, I can calmly reach 900kBytesps, when downloading (today I downloaded new Chrome with 3MBps), but initial waiting for everything is pain in the ass.

    I already disabled ms-update P2P in Immersive CP and unchecked nearly everything in connection properties (I left only TCPIP, File and Printer Sharing and MS Network Client).

    I have ADSL 50/10MBitps.
    I have Marvell 1G card, unfortunately driver provided by MS is the newest. Tried older driver provided by Marvell too with no luck.
    Also I use VPN connection via OpenVPN program. But the issue appear even without it.

    Any hints or similar experience?
    Thanks for any answers.