[Q:] Can be "WindowsClient_LP" used for WinRE instead of "WinPE_LP"?

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    I am just building the custom image for some uncommon OS (Windows RT v8-1 Preview b9431) and I have captured ENG LP for system itself from WindowsUpdate.log (original ESD is German), however I have no one (LP) for WinRE (it is still German)... There are no ADK Addons for b9431, so here are the questions:

    1. Could I use "WindowsClient_LP" b9431 instead of "WinPE_LP" b9431 as LP in WinRE b9431? And for Rejuv and SRT too?

    2. For WinRE b9431 could I use "WinPE_LP" b9600?

    3. Or could I deploy W8-1P b9431 OS with WinRE b9600?

    BRW: 4. I failed with:
    dism /apply-image /imagefile:C:\sources\install.esd /index:1 /applydir:W:\
    However I succeded with install.wim. It is quite strange, that b9431 dism doesn't support ESD, while the whole upgrade package (W8-1RTPrev downloaded in W8-0RT) was ESD. Am I doing anything wrong?

    Thanks for any info...
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    1. No
    but look into WindowsClient_LP.cab for setup folder (use 7-zip), it should contain MUIs for sources
    although those are usually for regular boot setup (winpe/index 2), but this may differ in ARM

    2. No

    3. Yes

    4. WIMGAPI support ESD format since Windows 8, however the command line interface "DISM" didn't support it until Windows 8.1 Update
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    Great. You have saved my time trying all those options. I'll use b9600 WinRE option 3. then, since I'll have DISM with ESD support.
    I'll use it both for boot.wim (installation from USB media - actually Recovery environment too on ARM) and for inside \Windows\System32\Recovery\winre.wim too. Thanks. :))