[Q:] How to make EFI partition accessible for standard user under UAC?

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by moderate, Feb 11, 2015.

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    Aug 31, 2009

    I am testing something and I need to make an EFI System Partition (ESP-partition) accessible for standard user under UAC limitation.

    I use command:
    mountvol z: /s

    However only elevated cmd.exe can successfully mount it and even after that it doesn't appear in File Explorer (only in command prompt). When unelevated CMD is used the drive letter appears in FE but can't be accessed.) I need to change it.
    attrib -s -h -r however doesn't work on ROOT directory...
    Maybe the approach is different (unhide the partition? I don't know.)

    In your solution please do not mention any 3rd party (non-MS EXE utils) as I can't run them (=ARM)... :))

    Thanks for any hints.