[Q] Problem with Sitecom WL-324 wireless adapter

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by bassie995, Aug 10, 2011.

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    I have solved this by buying a new adapter.

    Hello MDL'ers,

    So, I have a WL-324 which used to work. Used to.

    After trying to get Ubuntu to work with wireless, I decided on trying to fix someone else's HDD (IDE) which I had lying around.
    So I tried some methods to get the thing working, with Windows and Ubuntu 11.04 x64, but it wouldn't.
    Also, my mouse and keyboard didn't work on Ubuntu anymore, though they did, and do, on Windows.

    However! Whenever I boot Windows, it says that a USB device could not be recognized. Also, I had no Internet connection.
    1+1=2 --> my wireless adapter is borked.

    Windows says the same thing on another PC, so I guess it's hardware-related...

    I guess I've forgotten something (I always do :p), so ask away.
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