Q: Replace or edit Asus Rampage Formula BIOS to remove Chassis Intrusion

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by Ronin76, Nov 19, 2009.

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    Nov 15, 2009
    As i quested in a other forum topic, i'm getting mad at my Asus 'Chassis Intruded.
    I quote&add some edits myself:

    For some days i'm desperate looking for a solution for my 'infamous Asus Chassis intruded' bug.

    I have 2 systems based on Rampage Formula mainbord. When i was in need for a quick jumper (flashing a SSD) i 'borrowed' the Chassis intrusion jumper, since then both system's wont boot anymore, after post i get "Chassis intruded ! Fatal Error... System Halted"

    Ofcourse i placed the jumpers back, even replaced the jumpers with new tested ones. I cant get rid of the message.

    It must be a bug between the bios and a Winbond chip.

    Does somehave have a clue if it's possible to remove or disable the Chassis Intrusion option in the Bios ?

    By default, there is not a option to disable this check. I checked the bios file with ModBin6, there is also no hidden feature.

    To prevent the 'clear CMOS' answers. The chassis intrusion is NOT stored in the CMOS.

    I tested:
    -clear CMOS by pressing the clear-cmos button on the back (Asus RoG mainbords doenst have a clear CMOS jumper, it have a switch instead)
    -removed the battery, place a toothpick on the clear-cmos button, remove powercable and let it rest for 12hours
    -same procedure as above, without the toothpick
    -tried the 15/30/60sec's hold reset button 'tip'
    -flashed to release, beta and newest bios versions
    -Temperatures are all ok, checked fans, rpm etc.etc.

    So i've got 2 options left AFAIK.
    -RMA the mainbords.
    -Somehow find a bios hack, removing the Chassis intrusion checks or replace bios with some other w/o the Chassis intrusion checks.

    RMA the mainbords is not an option for me, i void my warranty by silverglueing watercooling blocks on the chipsets and VRM.
    Asus would take this as an excuses to refuse the RMA and i dont want to loose my custombuild waterblocks.

    Yes, i can use the systems, after a CMOS clear you get the option: F1 for setup F2 for defaults and continue boot.
    Pressing F1 will result Chassis intruded after saving a new bios setup.
    F2 will result continue boot with default settings. without OC and RAID settings. (so i cant boot from a raid-volume, but a single diskconfig is no problem)

    When googling "Chassis Intruded" you will get a ton load of hits with Asus mainbord owners having the same problem. Most of them just RMA their mainbord. It would be very nice if someone could fix this issue. It would help many Asus customers having this same problem.
    I even willing to paypal donate this person ;)

    So in short, any possibility to remote this Chassis Intruded check from bios, or possible to replace the Rampage formula bios with ie. a Gigabyte of Msi comparable bios.
    It would be a shame to replace 2 (at the time) 250eur+ costing mainbords due a simple but faulty retard chassis intrusion detection.