Question about a new build.

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    Aug 29, 2013
    Hello, I currently have a desktop PC with an Asus Motherboard, an Intel Dual Core Duo 6600mz processor. It is about 10 years old. I had planned to replace the motherboard, processor and RAM. I was planning to move the HD (OS10) to the new build. But, now if I understand it correctly that will not be allowed. Is that correct?
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    As the upgrade lasts for a year. Just install Win 7 on the new computer and update it for free. You can use DAZ loader to activate Win 7 before the free upgrade.
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    Surely a new build deserves a SSD ?
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    my opinion new comp, u mite run into a bunch of issues mainly driver related, u mite not get the experience u looking for on the new OS.
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    Aug 29, 2013
    Sounds good. Thanks
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    If you feel Beamslider helped, to show you appreciate it, you can hit the thanks button, on sites like this, it's the best way to say thanks.

    I am not sure what chipset you will be moving up to, but if it's one with Haswell support or above, you should get a new PSU, they state Haswell ready. You don't have to, but you might need to disable C6/C7 in BIOS/UEFI.

    Personally I would never use anything but a new PSU on a new Board. If you just didn't post a new PSU with what you're getting but planned it, just ignore my post.

    There's also the option to get PRO VL, Enterprise or Enterprise LTSB and use a KMS tool.

    P.S., if you plan on using just pro, you can skip the upgrade process and go from win 7 to clean install 10.

    Here is the way, listed under - 1aa- UPGRADE PROBLEMS
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