[Question:] Which updates to integrate to W8-1-1 x64 ISO with applied b16384 langpack

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    I planned to use this W8-1-1 x64 ISO to build my custom one:

    6.4.2014 (before update tuesday) I installed it in VM, then checked for updates:
    Then I have applied b16384 language pack (there is no other online or offline) and checked again, which already integrated updates are needed to redownload for missing language MUIs:
    So, the result was to include those 8 (1st screenshots) and reinclude those another 4 (2nd screenshot) (overwritten KBs are no longer actual)...
    1x Flash KB2938527
    1x Socialist EU Ballot KB976002
    2x DotNet FW v3-5 KB2898868, KB2901125
    1x Codec Pack KB2899189
    2x Update KB2894853, KB2928680
    1x Malicious SW m03 KB890830
    ----Reapply for MUIs:-----------------------------
    1x IE11 Sec Upd KB2884101
    1x DotNet FW v4-5-1 KB2898871
    2x Update KB2884846, KB2895219

    Today 10.4.2014 (after update tuesday) I did same, but results changed and it doesn't make sense now:
    Clean W8-1-1 x64 ISO before langpack was applied:
    After the langpack was applied:
    There is no difference now (before and after language pack), but it requires to reapply -355 (W8-1-1 Update) even WITHOUT the language pack b16384 was applied (and -355 always fails to install). (confused)...
    1x Socialist EU Ballot KB976002
    1x Flash KB2942844
    1x Codec Pack KB2899189
    3x Update KB2894853, KB2933809, KB2939087
    1x W8-1-1 Upd KB2919355
    1x Malicious SW m04 KB890830

    So please which KBs to integrate to the W8-1-1 x64 ISO with applied b16384 lngpack to be actual (to 10.4.2014) without any findings of new updates?
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    A lot of kb files overwrite language files.
    You have to add the language before applying the kb files.
    Since there's not a MU image afaik, you might be better off just trying to find a disc in your language.
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    Aug 31, 2009
    I did. I only checked for updates (to have the difference before-after lng-pack was applied), I've not installed anything before lngpack was applied.

    I think I will still use W8-1-0 x64 ISO until there will be new lang-packs b17xxx