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    Hello, so I have ipod mini for over a year now, bought it used :D
    I have changed its microdrive drive with 8gb CF card.
    And I have a few questions about ipod:

    1. which is better pod linux or original OS?
    I know podlinux can play videos, but I'm listening to music only.
    so are there other advantages, I'm using koss KTXPRO1 on it, so I'm afraid of sound quality of pod linux.

    2. will be concerned about battery, I know it needs High power USB port, but I can't charge on desktop pc at all, it shows that its charging, but when I disconnect from pc it shuts down itself and then reloads OS, so clock and other changes are set to default after that. But it charges from one port on my notebook(I know that it's High power) but still sometimes charges the same way as said earlier, indicates charging, but when I disconnect it it shuts down itself, its 50/50 when it charges successfully and with problems.
    thought it would be failing battery, so changed with battery from creative mp4 player, old one was 500mAh, new one 520mAh, not high difference at all, and still the same, creative with that battery lasts ~8 hours.
    Tried with generic 5v 500mA usb charger for the first few cycles ok, then the same, and it all began after I used this generic charger, now thinking of buying original apple charger, but I think that it has the same 5v 500mA output....
    maybe someone has any suggestions? :)
    I have thougth about bad cable, but haven't tried another.
    because it seems low possibility of that, if in details: if it would be bad cable problems Data+/- it would not connect to pc, if +5v,or GND it would discharge completely and not turning on, but it lasts even 48hours connected to pc and after this it shows battery almost empty.
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    what about rockbox (www . rockbox . org)? they are quite active and popular
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    Will try that, thanks. :)
    Well just checked the kernel, it's Debian Linux :D
    Works great, sound quality is great, even supports losseles. :D
    GUI is not the best, but great in performance.
    Wanted to change icon when connected to usb, haven't found it, and that's strange, the best thing - ipod click wheel when connected to pc works as PC keypad for multimedia, and normal equalizer, which has presets and can be edited manually :)