Quick bios modding question.

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    I've never done a bios mod, but I've been doing a ton of reading, figuring out how to mod the bios for an M4A785TD-M EVO, but just want to make sure I have all bases covered. There seem to be so many different types of methods and tools to apparently achieve the same effect, that it can be a bit overwhelming figuring out which ones need to be used or not. So can you tell me if this plan will work?

    I found this post in the Bios Mod request forum.

    Modified by: NoJuan999
    SLIC: ACER 2.1
    Cert: ACER
    Modded with AMI SLIC Mod 1.49
    Mod method: SSV3/MMTool

    ASUS SLIC 2.1 Modified BIOS:
    ASUS_M4A785TD-M_EVO_0918_ACER_SLP_SLIC_2.1_SSV3.rar (ACER Cert and AFUDOS Included)

    1. Now most places recommend making a bootable usb drive, but the motherboard manual says you can just put the bios itself on a usb drive and hit Alt+F2 during post to bring up its EZ Flash 2 utility. So should all the programs available on these boards be skipped over, and just use the motherboard utility to flash?

    2. So that should put the slic table and slic in the bios, but it still needs the cert to be put inserted into the table right? And that can be done with opatool in windows?

    3. Then the last step is simply use opatool to put in one of the leaked oem slp keys, and then windows is fully activated.

    Sounds simple, but Is that all the steps necessary, or could there be something I'm missing?
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    use EZ flash for bios.

    once flashed and in windows use these command lines in cmd prompt, make sure you are under admin when doing these cmd lines:

    for cert copy and paste directly on c drive, and name it ASUS.xrm-ms.
    then copy/paste this into cmd window: slmgr -ilc C:\ASUS.xrm-ms, then enter, wait for popup, done.

    then for key, copy/paste this command into the cmd prompt, then enter, and wait for popup, done.
    slmgr -ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX x's being your key ofcourse.

    thats it.

    EDIT: use everest or another program first and verify your slic. you may already have a 2.1 slic, and if so you do not need to flash the bios. just use the 2 commands and your set.
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    1. I Highly Recommend using the Version of AFUDOS that is included with that modded Bios to be sure that the Bios IS fully and properly updated with the New SLIC info.
    EZFlash 2 does NOT always do that properly.
    You can make a bootable usb drive using this tool to flash from dos:

    2. Manually install the Certificate that is Included with the BIOS Mod.
    It matches the SLIC info I added to that Bios.
    Read Section 6F-a here to learned the proper commands:

    3. Manually install the ACER OEM SLP Key.
    OEM SLP Keys are here:
    Read Section 6F-b here to learned the proper commands:
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