R drive image(an app useful when windows fails to boot)

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    Respected readers,

    R drive image is an backup software,which creates an image of the partition c (where windows is installed) and saves it as an single file.It's use comes when windows fail to boot as usual and one can restore the image to the time when the image was created and the computer again boots as usual.

    I have compared it with acronis,macrium,and oo software.As i have an ssd it creates the image very faster than the other 3 software's,i have measured the time it takes to create an image with a stop watch,r drive took 2 minutes 20 seconds,whereas acronis took 4 minutes 25 seconds,macrium took 4 minutes 12 seconds and oo took 3 minutes 45 seconds.Even the image restoration time is very faster than the other 3 software's.

    How to create the image ? -- It's easy just follow the on screen instructions

    How to boot when windows fails -- For this click on the create startup disks in the software

    Use google to download the software as I'm prohibited to post the link.
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    I tried it once and I have to agree that is a nice piece of software, nice and clear interface and very easy to use.
    I also compared it with Macrium, Ghost and Acronis, while R-Drive is faster the image it creates is bigger than the one created with Acronis.