READ THIS! Mods bios in all manufactured without erasing ur previous BIOS!

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    It was my experiment actually n thx Urie for providing link for some manufactured (u're great man, hope GOD will bless n keep u!). Have u mods ur bios succesfull to add slics 2.0 or 2.1 but later u found ur bios data changed (S/N, Manufactured, Product Name, etc). Then U've to rewrite or restore to it's original (dooooh so much wasting time:mad:) n sometimes it can't restore all of ur data (I've got prove in my lappy o_O). This always happen to everyone here to request bios mods so now I'll give u a clue, I'll guaranty (but not 100% I'm human anyway I can be wrong heheh :D) ur bios data will not changed even u've mods ur bios.
    1. Extract ur bios file n tools into usb stick n format with fat 32 (don't use ntfs) with usb format tools like hpusb or else n make it bootable.
    2. Check the size of ur bios file but not with extension *.exe example in Insyde the file have extension *.fd the size will be 1024 KB or in Gigabyte with Award Bios the file is *.f6 or *.f14 ( the f6 or f14 represent the version) will be 512 KB or maybe different in another manufactured depend on BIOS size.
    3. Boot ur computer in a pure dos mode (yes anmg, winpe is not pure dos, :biggrin: sorry)
    4. After the command prompt show, backup ur bios with ur flashing tools. For example :
    flas**t xxxxx.fd /1 ----- Insyde, bios file save with xxxx.fd n the size 1 MB same as the original flash file from Insyde
    flash895 /sxxxx.f6 ----- Award in Gigabyte mobo, it will save bios with default size n name xxxx.f6 (do not use space like flash895 /s xxxx.f6)
    Command for backup u can find in ur flash utility with switch /? just like :
    flas**t /?
    winpsh /?
    5. After it saved boot back into windows.

    Now u can mods ur bios with tools that provided here or request in bios mods thread with the original bios that u back up previously without having to worried ur personal computer data will be erased. For an example :
    1. Mods ur own bios with phoenix,insyde,ami,award using andy p tools
    - Select original bios --------- choose ur backup bios (not from the manufactured)
    - Select manufactured ------ if listed choose ur manufactured, if not choose others
    - Select slics -------------- choose slics u want (Acer, Dell, others)
    - Select slp --------------- choose slp (Acer, Dell, others)
    - RW report --------------- choose ur rw report that u've previously saved
    - Certificate -------------- choose certificate that match ur slics.
    - Go n verify
    2. Request ur bios mods from this forums.
    -Motherboard Model:
    -Bios revision:
    -Bios Type:
    -Bios Download Link: (insert link with ur backup bios n flashing tools uploaded)
    -RW Everything Report Download Link:

    So there will be no bios data erased n u're good to go without having to remember S/N, manufactured, UUID, else (heheheh :biggrin:) n affraid of lose warranty of ur manufactured service.

    Note : Thx for technician guys from Acer, Gigabyte, Dell, Abit for giving me this info, guys ur rocks!
    Before this methode I use universal bios backup toolkit but I dont know bios data still erased after I upgrade my bios so I think this methode will work in u too (yesterday I mods bios from different mobo about 11 mobo n 2 lappy n nows I've succesfull 6 mobo(sorry for the guys at pc shops but it work, right :D). Still curious how to add asset tags in Acer :()
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    And what exactly has all this to do with information stored in the DMI area?
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    if u mean dmi area that stored Manufactured, S/N or UUID I think it's related, I test with Acer 4540 (it's belong to my boss, no mods bios) n after I add slics to the bios file n boot in dos mode I use flas**t with /all switch the DMI data it's not changed n it's really different when I test in previous Acer 4540 (which I'm asking how do I search the original data in bios mods section) I use the original bios from Acer n zaaaaaaaap Manufactured, S/N, Product Name n offcourse the UUID is gone n I have to restore with DMI kit. It's really usefull if u dont want to do extra jobs (especially novice like me n maybe others)
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