Recovering from failed bios flash

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    Oct 29, 2009

    I just have tried a bios flash on my Lenovo T500 and it failed...

    Now the laptop starts beeping right after it's powered up: one long and two short beeps. BUT... if a usb stick is inserted - it wont beep at all, so I hope that there is a way to recover it.

    Another user - ausdim reported that he was able to recover his Lenovo x200 tablet using the Phoenix crisis recovery tool. He also provided an archive for this:
    The archive also contains BIOS.WPH for X200 to recover, which is about 1 MB - typical bios file. However if you download the bios update from Lenovo site (for x200 or T500), the package wont contain any 1 MB files. Insted there will be two 4 MB files.

    Here is the link for T500 bios update:

    How do I get the 1MB BIOS file to perform the bios recovery? Is it even possible? I could not contact ausdim for additional details.

    Any other suggestions on recovering the bios are greatly appreciated.

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    If you didnt get anywhere with this, there are 3rd part repair places that specialize in this stuff, worst case screnario, I think they charge $99 + shipping for the services.