Recovery of ASUS K53E Laptop Bios

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    As many others I have seen perusing the posts here, my first post is on a corrupt bios flash. I wish it was different circumstances. I have read over many posts following instructions before creating my own post, but my apologies if I missed something.

    I was recently reinstalling on the laptop and saw there was a bios update. I put the bios file onto a USB flash stick that was formatted as NTFS. I read afterwards to use FAT (sigh). I flashed from the Easy Flash tool inside the Asus Bios itself and the flash detected the file and flashed. At the end of the flash, it said rebooting and the screen went dark. However, after several minutes it never rebooted and I knew I had a bad flash. I attempted to restart the laptop but the laptop would not power on. I have followed instructions to remove the AC Power, battery, CMOS battery, holding the power button with everything removed, but the laptop would never power back up in hope of a boot block flash from the USB drive that I have read about. The details of the laptop are below.

    Laptop: Asus K53E-BBR9
    Bios Chip: Windbond 25Q32.V
    Bios Before Corrupt Flash: K53EAS.216
    Bios Flashed: K53EAS.221
    Motherboard: K53SD Rev. 2.3

    After searching via google, I have found various places that have detailed this problem for different laptops, some including ASUS. The main link I followed is below. I have read the old bios off the chip using the Bus Pirate and flashrom under Fedora 20.

    Following the guide and the other posts on this forum, I merged several different bios files from ASUS replacing offset 0x00180000 to 0x003FFFFF of the corrupt bios. The bios files I have used so far is the revision 221, 216, and 210 for my laptop, but none so far have worked. After merging the files, I reflashed the bios chip in circuit with the Bus Pirate using flashrom. The console outputs that the flash is verified and my understanding is that what was flashed to the chip was read off afterwards and matched 100%. The symptons have changed though when attempting to power on the laptop.

    With the corrupt bios, the laptop would not even power on or have any lights to work. After flashing with the reconstructed image, the laptop will now turn on a few lights, spin the fan and harddrive. The display does not power on though and the laptop does not show that is booting into windows or into the bios. I have attepted to connect a monitor through the VGA connector on the side of the laptop, but no signal was detected on it. I also attempted to access the boot block to flash through the USB drive but to no availe.

    I believe I have followed the normal recovery procedures posted here and not sure what to attempt next. Requesting help to recover the laptop. Below is a link to the bios files as the zip is too large to attach to the forum. The reconstructed bios is with the K53EAS210.210 bios file from ASUS.

    Edit: Link to bricked bios file removed.

    Update: Obtained full 4MB bios image via a different forum that was reported recovering several other laptops. Same symptoms (no boot, bios, or display) with reported working bios. Assuming more than bios is bad at this point.
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    I found this on the web:

    Format a flash drive FAT32, download the original BIOS, rename it K53SV.BIN and than copy it onto the flash drive.

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    I also have an Asus K53E laptop. It's model BBR4 and in need of the 4mb bios file as I need to replace the file on my chip. I was contemplating just buying a new bios chip that was preprogrammed with the latest bios but my tech says he just needs the file and can download it on to my chip so I was wondering where you were able to find the 4mb file. My tech said the updated bios from the Asus website is only 2mb so there is some information missing if he was to dump the bad file and then load the new bios. Thanks for any help.