Red mini-ants from hell!

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    Can't believe this is happening actually in my house.

    I mean red little bastards which have a really painful bite have invaded our home recently, few weeks away. Neighbors homes too! It's a damn plague.

    These ants are red, small and slooow.
    They just don't stop revolving around the house.

    Their bite... Oh man, really painful. Like an electric discharge that comes and goes in waves.

    Never ever faced these persistent evil creatures before.

    What species they are?
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    Maybe one of these :

    • Argentine ants: These ants have a light brown or reddish body, but you can tell them apart from fire ants by their black heart-shaped abdomen. These ants are roughly 0.13 inches long and build colonies under the shelter of wood, leaves, and stones. They aren’t picky eaters but love sugary substances and protein.
    • Caribbean crazy ants: These ants are a golden reddish-brown, making them easy to confuse with fire ants. This species is smaller, though, and doesn’t grow much longer than 0.13 inches. They’re common in Florida and Texas and eat a variety of foods.
    • Fire ants: Fire ants are red all over and grow between approximately 0.13 and 0.5 inches long. You can also identify red fire ants by checking their mounds. This species will build colonies without openings in the soil. They use underground tunnels to get access to their nests.
    • Odorous house ants: These ants are smaller and darker than fire ants. You can identify them by their smell as well — they emit an odor like rotten coconuts when squished. This species prefers sugars and dead insects.
    • Pharaoh ants: Pharaoh ants are small, growing up to approximately 0.063 inches long. This makes them considerably shorter than red fire ants. Pharaoh ants are also more of a reddish brown and have a black abdomen. These ants will eat proteins, sugars, fats, grease, and other insects (dead or alive).
    • Pyramid ants: These ants have a red head and thorax but, like Argentine ants, have a black abdomen. They grow about 0.13 inches long and build nests in the sunshine unobstructed by any debris. Pyramid ants have a varied diet that includes fats and oils.

    My parents still have the same issue right now.
    They were told the only way to get ride of this pleague is to kill the queen!
    My old mom wont do this!