Refreshing timed out evaluations

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    Nov 22, 2013
    I don't know if this will interest folk, but I discovered a timed out 180 day WES7 OS on an old Celeron M laptop of mine, and I wondered if I reapplied the original .wim that I kept on another partition on the same disk if there would be a useable outcome.

    The installation had an administrative account with password, and several installed programmes, and dual booted with Windows XP Pro.

    Using Imagex under XP to apply the image, it took a while longer than a fresh apply, but the procedure completed without error, and I rebooted to the WES7 installation. I did not need to change the BCD nor boot loader.

    It booted and seemed to hang in the later stages of the specialization pass, so I pressed shift F10 and called the oobe from the console. I also logged in using net user to initiate wireless internet access.
    I entered a VL product key, and it immediately was accepted and activated.

    After rebooting, there was the usual long first boot-up time and since then it has been running without issue.

    Most of the installed programs worked fine, the odd one needed an update reinstall. About 50 service packs needed installing.

    I have a few more old installations which I will attempt to revive in the same way, but it may be possible that I have mislaid the install.wim for them.

    I have considered using TAP.exe to generate an answer file and pkgscn.exe to create a new install.wim in ICE for these systems. Search regenerating-answer-file-from-an-existing-device-using-pkgscn-and-tap.aspx