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    refurbished branded system vs used CPU + cheap mobo + RAM
    which would be a better option ?
    The refurbished systems online, i5 3470, around 15k/- INR.
    Used stuff: according to a local shop, basically its :
    i3 3rd Gen CPU (used) + Cheap new mobo (Zebronics) + 8GB DDR3 RAM = around 9k/- INR.
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    A refurb will have a short warranty, 30 days to 3 months. If you know the local shop well then ask if they can assemble the parts to test before you buy, if you are a regular there then i think they may do that, smaller vendors need repeat customers and are highly likely to look after them. :)

    Zebronics? must be a local brand, i would rather pay the extra and have a gigabyte ultra durable board. Same with the memory, use a known brand, it doesnt pay to scrimp on parts.