Regain Recovery Areas on Windows 10 Hard Drives - Instructions Only

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    Feb 2, 2013
    If you NOT planning on restoring back to either a Windows 7 or Windows 8 release after your upgrade to windows 10, then here is the procedure to reclaim the recovery area on your hard drive that the Windows 10 upgrade creates.

    Depending on how many recovery areas that add to your primary partition, you can delete them and then expand your primary partition to its extent.

    Check the partition area first to see what you are going to delete:
    Right click on your PC Icon then click on Disk Management to see the partition(s) you want to delete.

    Here is “the step by step instructions” to delete the recovery partitions:

    Open a command prompt from the Start Menu, Scroll down thru APPS to Windows System, right click on Command Prompt click on Run as Administrator, and hit enter.

    Type Diskpart at the command prompt.

    From the Diskpart prompt type Rescan and hit enter. It will rescan all your partitions.

    Type List Disk and press enter. This will show all hard drives available.

    Select the disk that contains the partition you want to remove. Normally with just 1 hard disk it will be 0.
    Select disk 0 and hit the enter key. (if this is where the partitions are)

    Type list partition and press enter. This will show all available and created partitions in the disk selected.

    Select the partition you want deleted (recovery) with the following command:
    Select partition x (x is the recovery partition to be removed and unlocked)
    Type Delete Partition Override and hit the enter key.

    When your done you will see Free Space.

    Right click on your Primary Partition and scroll down and click on Extend Volume
    Just follow the instructions to extend volume and you will have regained your hard drive space.
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    Look dude, if your going to post tweaks or tips why don't you add them in the thread already created? :tasty:
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    This is not good advice. You should leave the Recovery partition created by upgrading to Windows 10. This small partition stores WinRE.wim which allows you to boot to and access Windows RE and the repair, recovery, and Reset tools that are included in it.
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    i agree, leave that partition for restore and recovery purpose