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    dear guyz;

    i have a Q'n on SLIC,

    what exactly a slic bios does?.

    does this locks the system from installing any other versions of VISTA? (any kind of hardware or software lock)

    will it affect system performance?

    i have a modded bios, how would i use this to install and activate vista?

    forgive if my Q'ns are similar to other q'ns here..

    please give me tips on these
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    May 21, 2007
    I doesn't stop you installing different versions of vista but you are tied to what certificate you use to the brand name used in bios mod i,e, ASUS , Dell e.c.t

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    A slic bios allows you to activate your vista version just like OEM pc manufacturers do without using online (via internet) or offline (via phone) methods thus saving time and the hassles of activating hundreds/thousands of pc's.

    It's a security/piracy measures implemented by microsoft. What it means is that in order to activate your vista system just like OEM's do, you have to have the following:

    Full SLIC OEM Bios + OEM Certificate (correct xrm file) + OEM/Retail Vista Edition to install + Correct OEM Vista Key based on the Vista Edition you will install = Activated VISTA!

    Missing or incorrect methods will result in vista 30 days trial (unsuccessful activation).

    It does not affect any or whatsoever performance.

    You have to search this on the forum, it has been posted way so many times...a little bit of effort from you will do you good.

    Hope this helps you and others also.
    - ciao
  4. nithinmohantk

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    Mar 21, 2008

    That was Quite Helpful , thank you so much..

    and i have installed my pc with modded bios n activated retail vista..

    thatz was interesting.. :D