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    I found a folder in my computer called "Schwarzbuch - Windows 7-Registry-Tricks" - "Blackbook - Windows 7-Registry-Tricks". Because it's not allowed to post in foreign languages, I decided to list up what the .reg files contain and I'll also try to explain what they actually do.

    It contains 24 Registry files that i will post below, and 2 PDF-documents but in German Language.
    I write down the original filenames and the translation below the original names.

    They change existing values in the Registry or create new values if they aren't existing.
    The contents of the Registryfiles will be in quotes, if you like you can create a new .reg file on notepad and copy
    the contents.. Don't forget to save them as *.reg file!
    By wish, I will upload the folder !BUT! only with Permission.

    Please Remember I translated them by myself so it took a lot of time, don't get mad if I wrote something wrong
    IMPORTANT! Please backup your Registry before you apply any changes and creating a Systemrestorepoint makes it even safer

    1 - Die Explorer Auto-Aktualisierung.reg
    - The explorer auto-refresh

    Fixes the Bug in Win7 after copying a file or folder Explorer doesn't refresh, so it won't show up the copied file/folder. If you try to copy again, windows tells you that the file already exists.
    2 - Installationsfunktion reparieren.reg
    - Repair installation feature

    If you try do install or deinstall programs, but it always cancels this tweak should fix that.
    3 - Einfrieren von Windows 7 verhindern.reg
    - Prevent freezing of Windows 7

    If your Win7 is connected to a network or a domain and you experience a short interruption when logging on, this should fix the problem
    4 - Verzögerungen im Startmenü abschalten.reg
    - Turn off the delay in startmenu

    Microsoft already tweaked the Win7 startmenu but on older PCs, it could take up to 3 secs 'till startmenu opens.
    This should turn off the maintenace
    5 - Windows Prefetch kontrollieren.reg
    - Control Windows Prefetch

    Some Windows 7 tweaking programs turn the Windows Prefetch Feature off. It is needed for accelerating program starts.
    This should turn it back on
    6 - Mehr Ressourcen für Programme.reg
    - More ressources for programs.

    If your computer is permanent overloaded or you are encoding videos, it could happen that Windows doesn't react anymore or your mouse freezes for a while. This should enlarge your Memory
    7 - Dienste sofort abschalten.reg
    - Deactivate services immediately

    Sometimes Windows tells you that some services couldn't be stopped after pressing the start button. This will shorten down the service killing time
    8 - Aero-Effekte in Zeitlupe.reg
    - Slow motion Aero-Effects

    All Aero-Effects like Flip3D, minimizing, maximizing &etc are in slow motion
    9 - Mediaplayer updates verhindern.reg
    - Prevent WindowsMediaPlayer by updating

    If you wish to prevent WMP for instant searching for updates and you want to manually install WMP updates then this will grant your wish
    10 - Puffer für Webbrowser erhöhen.reg
    - Increase the web browser buffer

    This turns the Internet-turbomode in Windows 7 on. You recieve a higher data transmission rate, so more packets can be transmitted
    11 - Die lästigen Pop-Up Meldungen abschalten.reg
    - Turn off the annoying pop-up messages

    Turns off ALL pop-up messages like: new hardware found, online-danger messages, new updates found and ALL mouse-over-messages
    12 - Startoptimierung prüfen.reg
    - Checks Bootoptimizer

    Like every other Windows version, Windows 7 also has a build-in Bootoptimizer. Some tuning apps, turn this feature off. With this, it will be turned back on
    13 - Die Windows-Fenster Beschränkung aufheben
    - Cancels the Windows window limitation

    Example: More than 50 Internet Explorer instances are opened, windows doesn't show you the window or it shows it incorrectly. It is because Windows 7 has build-in limitations/restrictions. This increases the limitation
    14 - Suchfeld von IE8 ausblenden.reg
    - Removes the IE8 Searchbox

    This tweak removes the IE8 Searchbox for a clear browser
    15 - Verschlüsseln ins Rechtsklick-Menü einfügen.reg
    - Adds Encrypt function to rightclick-menu (Context-menu)

    If you often encrypt files in Windows 7, you always have to right-click the file and go to properties. This adds the encryption function to your Context-menu
    16 - Windows-Taste sperren.reg
    - Windows-Button lock

    Some Spyware-programs use the 'Windows'-Button to do monkey tricks that make nonsense like instant "Windows-Button+E" to open instantly the Windows-Explorer. This deactivates the Windows Button function, but you can't use all the shortcuts anymore like "Windows-Button+R" to open 'Run'
    17 - Unterstützung für Uralt-Programme ausschalten.reg
    - Turns the support for very old programs off

    WinXP,Vista and 7 are still creating old FAT16-filesystems because of compatibility reasons but only in 32-bit-Versions. 16-bit-filesystems can be recognized by their old nametypes like "dateix.exe", the name can only have 8 characters and 3 for the file extension (*.exe)
    18 - Protokollierung deaktivieren.reg
    - Deactivates logging

    Windows 7 always logs the system by every process and procedures. It costs a lot of processingtime and disk access, actually it is only really important for Administrators
    19 - Sämtliche Datein anzeigen.reg
    - Show all files

    Even though you set in the Folderoptions to show all files, Windows still hides many kinds of files. With this, all files will completely be shown
    20 - DNS Aktualisierung überspringen.reg
    - Skip DNS renewing

    Because Windows 7 always renews the DNS-Information (Domain Name System), you sometimes experience short but disturbing connection breaks when you're browsing. It disables the DynamicUpdate
    21 - Kommandozeile ins Kontextmenü.reg
    - Commandline in the Context-menu

    Most advanced users that work with CMD (Command Prompt) often has to change the directories. After applying this tweak, you can open the Command Prompt from the directory in which you are currently in
    22 - Administratorkonto einblenden.reg
    - Show Administrator account

    In every Windows 7 exists an Administrator account, but it is mostly deactivated an is not shown at log-on. This activates the Admin account and shows up on your next log on
    23 - USB Abfrageintervalle ändern.reg
    - Change usb query intervals

    By default, Windows 7 queries the USB ports every millisecond. In some cases this short checkinginvertal prevents that the PC and especially the notebook can't go into standby mode. This lets 7 check every 5 milliseconds instead of 1ms.
    24 - Überflüssige NTFS-Dateizugriffe ausschalten
    - Turns unnecessary NTFS-File accessing off

    The NT-file access creates for each file and folder stamps with information about the last access occurred. To save computing time, this feature will be turned off.
    That are the tweaks in *.reg files, but there are more tricks in the PDF-files that are very interesting.

    - Changing the title of Internet Explorer

    to do this you have to open Regedit and move to
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
    Rightclick and create a string named "Window Title" with the value of your choice. Example "Internet Explorer 8 by Mark_xD"

    - Turn the DVD-drive throttle off

    Everytime the DVD-drive reads more than 6 errors, it automatically changes to PIO-Mode. This will allow you to use the DMA-Mode (Direct Memory Access) for reading and writing without changing to PIO-Mode ( slower mode )

    Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E96A-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\0001

    and ...\0002

    Create a new DWORD-Value and name it "ResetErrorCountersOnSuccess"
    Double click the new value and type in "1".

    - ReadyBoost for all USB-Sticks

    In Windows 7 you have the Readyboost function, but not every USB stick is ideal and working with Readyboost. With a little trick you can make Win7 use all flashdrives for Readyboost. You have to plug-in the usbstick you want to use and ignore the 'test for readyboost'. Plug it out and expand the
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\EMDMgmt - Key

    Search for the Subkey with the name of your USBdrive you've just plugged out.
    Mark this one and doubleclick on the right side on the value "Device Status" set it to "2".
    Open "WriteSpeedKBs" and type in (decimal) "1000".
    Plug-in your stick and Voilà ReadyBoost should work.

    - Enlarge System-Cache

    Look for the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

    now set "LargeSystemCache" to 1.

    If interested I can make *.reg files out of

    - Turn the DVD-drive throttle off
    - Enlarge System-Cache

    I hope i Posted it in the right area, I think I'm gonna go to sleep right now, I check out later if I missed something. If this helped, A THANKS wouldn't hurt.

    If people show interest, I'm open to suggestions like example making out of this thread a Registry tweak collections-thread and i'll be looking forward by updating and posting new/other tweeks.

    I apologize for any confusion, this is my 4th post c'mon =)

    Greetz to all MDL members

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    Super Thank you very much!

    23 - USB Abfrageintervalle ändern.reg
    24 - Überflüssige NTFS-Dateizugriffe ausschalten

    have the same parameters
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    I apply some needed line and working.

    Thank you share.
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    For the German community members, just post a link to the original Source.

    That also something what you should do all times you copy and past any content which isn't yours, a link and Credits to the origin writer! It is a must of the Fair Use procedure of the intl. Copyright Law.
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    Thanks for caution. Crashed computer a few times already. :D