Remove As Ti.

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    Remove AS TI

    after difficult to remove some folders and files,

    and force to take ownership every time .. SO ..
    I convert @BAU Run as TI into Remove as TI
    Grab File or Folder onto "Remove As Ti" and done. :oops:
    # Now add support for Multi Files / Folders

    # Not a idiot proof script, use it with caution !!!

    told me now he made one, share his script too.
    his version much better but i do it for practise

    Updates -- 21.10.21 -- Initial Release
    Updates -- 22.10.21 -- Support Multi Files / Folders
    Updates -- 23.10.21 -- Kill handle if possible, if fail to remove File / Folder ( Using Sysinternals Handle tool )
    Updates -- 23.10.21 -- handle kill function -- Rebuild from scratch

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