Remove whitelist bios WLAN ?

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by karlos kar, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. karlos kar

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    Mar 16, 2013
    Hello friends.

    Recently bought a Pci Wifi Card for my hp notebook cq 43-215,
    and it was blocked by the bios. Please if anyone able to modify
    the bios I would be very grateful. The "HP Help and Support" does not solve this problem.

    Please help :worthy:

    Thank you.

    Email: kluyskarlos @ rocketmail . com

    -Manufacturer: HP Compac Cq 43-215
    -Motherboard Model: PCEUT0CEP2O16X
    -Bios revision: F.38 Rev.A
    -Bios Type: Insyde
    -Bios Download Link: http : //
    -Current card: PCI \ VEN_10EC & DEV_8176 & SUBSYS_1629103C & REV_01
    -Card to be added: PCI \ VEN_10EC & DEV_8176 & SUBSYS_917710EC & REV_01