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    Feb 16, 2011
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    Hi guys, I have got this problem with removewat.exe. When windows starts up I get the window "would you like install removewat.exe". whether I choose yes or no it still runs in the background and forces alg.exe to start firefox and it runs in the background and steals about 10% of the cpu. When I try to end the firefox process in windows task manager I get the same original message "would you like install removewat.exe".

    What I have done to fix the problem:
    1. visited the removewat threat and followed the wat.fix and removewat tool, but they didn't fix the problem.

    2. I went to the C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Temp folder where the window says its there and tried to delete the removewat.exe but it didn't help as the file was replaced over and over again after every deletion.

    3. went to msconfig but the file is not there and therefore could not disable start-up.

    oo and my windows is not activated and I am running windows 7 enterprise.

    I would be grateful if someone has any suggestions on how to deal with this problem. Thanks in advance.

    the problem was fixed, it was a virus which was detected after installing various anti-viruses but norton did the trick and the whole thing just vanished.