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Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by iviv, Nov 16, 2008.

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    When SP1 came out, I installed it, lost the crack I was using (The paradox time one), and went and hunted for a new one, and I now believe that I'm using the vistaloader, but I'm not entirely sure. Before getting to the OS select screen, it looks like it runs the grub bootloader.
    Long story short, I picked up a student license of vista for cheap from Microsoft, so I want to clear all that bootloader stuff out and start clean. I've got 4 hard drives in my PC, running various versions of windows (xp, vista32 and vista64) though I mainly use them for storage, and the occasional problem/compatability fix. So, I'd still like to be able to boot into those. Well, not the vista 64 since that won't work without the crack anyway.

    I'm going to be installing vista onto my 4th drive, and would rather not format any of the others, since they are full of junk.

    How do I delete the bootloader so I can run windows normally? And if I need to know what bootloader it is to delete it, how would I go about finding out?

    Thanks in advance!

    Or is it just a matter of fixmbr and fixboot from the recovery console? As after having a poke around my hard drives, I think the loader is running from my XP partition (There's a 'Boot' folder on the drive full of folders and memtest), if that matters.
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    search VOATK tools. This program is what you want..
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