Request for WWAN whitelist removal/edit - HP dv2-1215ax - BIOS F.27 A - MC8781

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by ferry_ns, Jun 11, 2010.

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    Jun 8, 2010
    Hi All,

    I need to plug mini PCIe of Sierra Wireless mc8781 in my HP DV2-1215ax,
    but after i plug it and starting my Notebook occuerss error '105-Unsupported wireless broadband device detected.System Halted. Remove device and restart.' Dodgy
    So think its not approved by bios, and i check in many forum, it said that in HP bios there's whitelist, and the whitelist have 2 kind, for WWAN and for WLAN.

    Before that i now some whitelist of WLAN in BIOSCOD1.ROM, but i'm not see in that ROM for whitelist of WWAN. Some forum said on BIOSCOD5.ROM(BIOS Code) and some of on MOD_5100.ROM (other module), but i didn't know where Confused.

    I need to know the whitelist of WWAN that already written in BIOS of my HP DV2-1215ax, in the HP site this notebook using BIOS F.27 A
    link here ->

    So we can change that whitelist with other WWAN module, and it would be good if we can disable the whitelist for WWAN Sleepy, in this time i want to using mc8781. And another problem i cannot to detect vendor id, product id and subsys for my mc8781. Every i hotplug the card it my notebook, only few seconds its detect, but after that its disappeared, i'll already try many times. I suspect theres driver that read bios that prevent unregistered WWAN event i using hotplug.

    as i see in many forum wireless mc8781 having VID_1199&PID_6856, but like i said before for subsys must try to plug in any notebook to check it Dodgy, but not on my notebook Huh

    Please help for edit/mod/check/disable whitelist of my HP DV2-1215ax BIOS so i can using Sierra Wireless mc8781.

    Please advice me what to do .........