Restore PF8 Safe Mode Key Procedure for Windows 8/10 - Instructions Only

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    Windows PF8 Safe Mode Key procedure For Both Windows 8 and Windows 10.

    This is a procedure to restore the PF8 Key for Safe Mode since Microsoft removed it from Windows 8 and 10.

    Open the Registry Editor, and on windows 10 go to Start Menu, Scroll down to APPS to Windows System and right click on Run as Administrator then hit enter.

    Type Regedit at the command and hit enter.

    Go to the following key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Configuration Manager

    You should see a “BackupCount” in the right pane with a “2” in it. If you don’t see the “BackupCount” then Right Click on empty space in the right pane and

    Select New -> DWORD (32 bit) Value and set the value to “2”

    Now open the Configuration Folder and see if you have the following:

    In the right pane you should see “Enabled” If its not there and you don’t see “LastKnownGood” under the Configuration Manager then type the following.

    Now you must create a Sub-Key. Right clcik on the “Configuration Manager” and in the Right Pane right click and select New Key called, “LastKnownGood”. Then create a new Dword in the right pane called “Enabled” and set the value to “1”

    Now the LastKnownGood configuration feature for PF8 is enabled and will start backing up your Key.

    Now go back to a Run As Administrator Command prompt and type the following command:
    BCDEdit /Set {Current} BootMenuPolicy Legacy and hit enter.

    If succesuful restart your computer and tap the F8 key and it should take you to the Safe Mode Startup Screen.
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    Wowzers, they remove re-introduce it ?