Restriction on the number of likes for 5000

Discussion in 'Scripting' started by Jaksxker, Jul 24, 2014.

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    Jan 18, 2014
    I have just read somewhere that the limit on Facebook "likes" pages 5000!
    It hurts my feelings because to do slowly but surely approaching. I like to 4951 pages on FB.
    Just please do not write why I likes many pages ... I know I have those pages likes a lot, but none of them is unnecessary. All are within my interests and activities: D I will try to limit the like-ed, but 5000 is enough.

    Google+ the same, maximum number of people in all circles together is also a measly 5000!

    Twitter, maximum number of people that we can follow the 2000, but at least it can be čiastnočne "delete" that more people will follow me.

    These limitations in all designated services are supposedly for spam respectively. In order to prevent spam.

    The question is, it would not be a restriction such that after a certain number like / follow people or sites, whether those 5,000, would be limited to such. maximum of 10 like / follow the day?
    There is some way to these restrictions "bypass"?
    For example, a plug-in. On FB there is a plug-in that will tell me that someone can withdraw from friends, so it could also be something like this?
    I suppose most of you wrote to me that the limit is sufficient, but there are people like me who's not enough.

    Thank you very much for every answer and have a nice day