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    After many years of love, girls feel depressed , have finally used up the courage to tell the boy : "We split up to go ! "
    The boy asked, " Why ? "
    She said : " Fed up, he does not need a reason ! "
    During the night , the guy just quietly smoking a sentence does not say . Her heart ached
    " A word does not say hold on , you boys like it how it brings happiness to her well? " Much later , the boy can not help it then said : " How can I keep it here ? "

    She said slowly : " Please answer me one question , if you answer correct answer in my heart was thinking , I 'll stay . "
    " Let's say you are like a flower on a cliff , picking him and knew that he would die , he would not pick on me ? "
    The boy thought for a moment and said :
    " Tomorrow morning I will let you know the answer is no ? "
    She temporarily stopped further disappointment and melancholy .
    Morning woke up , the boy was no longer there , only a letter, write full text paper was placed under a glass of hot milk .
    The first line , led to her dismay .

    " Oh Honey ! He will not go anywhere to collect flowers . But , let me explain why not go offline em.Em only know how to use computers often or tamper with the programming . Then stared crying keyboard . He had to keep my fingers help them adjust .
    I often forget to bring out the key . He must keep his legs back home to help me open cua.Nguoi hobby as you travel . Stay in your own city is often lost . He had to keep my eyes help detect duong.Em not like going out . He worried children with autism . You have to keep lips dispel loneliness in children .

    I always focus the eyes on a computer . Not good eye for where broken honey . He lived very healthy . Wait until the child is old . Help me nail clippers . Help me remember the silver hairs always make me sad .
    Take my hand
    Together they enjoy the beautiful sunshine and fine sand on the shore bien.Thi whispering to each color of the flower children . Like the radiant face of my beautiful ... So Before that he had to make sure that someone you love them more . He did not want to go pick flowers that about ... "
    ( Tears fall down her wet letter, clumping into flowers )
    Dry your tears , she continued to read :

    " Honey Well, if you 've finished watching , you answer makes you happy , then please open a offline! He was standing at the door way, on the other hand took the milk bread that you like to eat the most ... "
    She opened the door , looked tense boys face as he nervously , clutching only known bread in milk shake hands in front of girl