Reverse Microcode Update with newest Bios

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    May 9, 2010
    Hey Guys,

    i'm planing to buy a new pc, cause sold the old one AMD 960T@4x3,8GHz; 8GB (wasn't good enought anymore). The question is, as always, should i wait until AMD releases their next gen cpu's or should i really go for the haswell platform from Intel.
    As far as i know, AMD will not release any new cpu's within the next months but they will bring with DICE and other devstudios a new API called Mantle which will reduce CPU-Overhead in gaming and results +30% FPS.

    Is Mantle depending on the AMD platform (CPU+GPU) or will it also work with Intel CPU + AMD GPU?
    I looked at the available roadmaps from AMD but it looks like there isn't a Vishera (performace) successor planed to be released in the next year.

    Atm I think the best bang for the buck is the Xeon E3-1230 v3. With 205 EUR only 10 EUR more than the i5-4670K which lacks SMT and VT-d. It also has "OC" potential with an older microcode version from Intel (3,7 GHz Turbo Boost on all 4 Cores). This cpu + MSI Z87-G43 with downgraded microcode to enable TB-OC.

    This is where my main question comes up, is it possible to modify an AMI Bios with MMTool to replace the new microcode from intel which restricts XEON oc with a older version to run the XEON @ 4x3,7GHz and have the latest available BIOS fixes.

    Is it worth it, would it be stable or is this modification too risky?
    This modification could also be very interessting for all non Z-Chipset owner to gain the OC ability back and max out K-Cpu's potential.

    hope someone can read and understand my english :worthy:

    just, tobad.