run Office 2007 or201# TRIAL for 90 days

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    maybe some suppose I would be stupid if they read this thread.
    No I am not. :D This request has other reasons. (I anyway install my windows 4 times a year (nearly 90 days), because it fragments too much)

    Of course I could download (leech) Full-Versions and Activators/KMS-Server-Toolkits and so on.
    But I don't want.

    I only need Office for 90 days. But Trials only normally run 60 days. That's a little bit too short.
    After that they function as viewer.
    Even with several Always/Neverinstalled XML-file alternations

    Sorrowly my Office 2007 trial ended just today after 57 days :(
    WTF - where are my 3 days?

    it's the X12-30192.exe Setup which I downloaded from original MS Servers and installed it.
    [I thinks it's GERMAN or at least Multilanguage Version]

    I am looking for TRIAL Office Pro 2007 and or TRIAL 2010/2013. But at least it would be enough if Office 2007 TRIAL would never stop working or at least 90 days - without beakting it with violence (Activator/Toolkit-Server)

    I already read Threads like
    Office 2007 trial ended
    and Hack to Activate Microsoft Office 2007 Evaluation Trial Version « My Digital Life
    [Sorry, I can't post Links, as my counter is currently 0 posts - but I think you have right to be informed correctly, So beg pardon please.]
    and some internal as well as google searches more.

    Since 2008 and older threads .. is there any new findings/ideas, how to extend the Trial Period for those old 2007 Office Products? (yes, many tend to install better 2010/2013 FULLversions that run 10 years; I understand them of course)

    The mentioned tricks to change AlwaysInstalled to neverInstalled in XML
    and deleting opa12.dat
    have no effect. I wonder how others managed this successful.
    Maybe it did not work, because I am running the multilang/Version with installed GERMAN language?
    But changed file in the correct path (C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\OFFICE12\Office Setup Controller\Proof.en\Proof.XML) and not the C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\OFFICE12\Office Setup Controller\
    But I tested that too, of course. But in "" it also had no effect.

    So, any new findings?

    Many thanks.