Samsung Galaxy S3 OR Galaxy Note

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Which is the better work phone?

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  1. Galaxy S3

  2. Galaxy Note

  1. heeroyuy241

    heeroyuy241 MDL Novice

    Apr 3, 2012
    I need a new phone for work and told a tablet would be useful too. I figure if I pick a good phone then it can do everything the tablet would do. Need it for managing appointments, quick notes, emails, quick pictures, file management, and remote desktop really just basic stuff but I don't upgrade phones often so I want to my pick to be able to keep up for a while.

    I love the size of the Galaxy Note, and the stylus. Would make the quick notes and some things easy

    Galaxy S3 has alot of added features like the quicker pictures, voice commands, larger internal memory, and a micro sd card slot (VERY IMPORTANT)

    Which do you think is the better business/ utility phone device ?