Searching an Audio Web player that works on Android devices. HTML5 with fallback?

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by Rodrighez, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Jan 15, 2012
    Good morning to My Digital Life community.

    I am looking for suggestions and help in order to solve this small issue.

    I have a Flash licensed audio Web player which is working perfectly...if web visitors do not use Android devices.

    It is a very simple player: It has only PLAY and STOP buttons, it starts automatically and plays randomly and continuously a quite big playlist of mp3 files (the audio format is not a problem...). The artist/title info of the song being played are displayed.

    What I need is to have a similar audio web player working on Android devices...

    I am not an expert, but I have been reading a lot about this subject, and I understand that the web player I am looking for is probably written using HTML5 with Fallback. It will start first to run the HTML5 version, and if the web visitor has a browser that doesn't support it, then it will run the Flash/Java version.

    OK, I know that there aremany free web players and many for sale (and the prices are really affordable...from 12 to 39 USD!) but as I need some features to be disabled/enabled, it is not as easy as you may think.

    So far I did not find such a web player... neither I found somebody customizing one for me ...for free or paying a fee.

    The VERY BASIC features I am looking for are:

    1) Light and compatible with PC/Mac//All browsers/Android & mobile Smart devices/phones.

    2) I need
    JUST the Play and Stop buttons. Other buttons such as "skip to previous/skip to next song, FFWD, FRWD" shall be removed. The listener will be able just to stop the music and put the volume up/down if possible... almost like it happens while listening to a Radio!

    3) The player should auto start playing music when the visitors come to the web main page, and continuously and randomly keep playing songs (I uploaded about 200/300 songs in a folder in my web server/site). So, probably the player should be able to handle a playlist.xlm or playlist.txt or whatever does the job?

    4)I would like the artist/title info to be displayed while the song is being played.

    I am writing today to see if anybody can help me with suggestions about what web player to use and customize it (removing the buttons I don't need).
    In fact I need to have the new web player up and running at the earliest.I hope somebody in our forum community accepts this challenge.

    Thank you very much for reading till the end! Sorry if I made it long, but I did not want to mislead the readers not mentioning important details!