Searching for Cisco IOS (for Navini RipWave) w/ REWARD offered!

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by jcy1978, Jun 2, 2013.

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    Jun 2, 2013

    I've purchased a used Navini (acquired by Cisco) RipWave MX8 Base Station, originally manufactured by Navini, later purchased by Cisco.

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to get an IOS image loaded onto the system and it's booting into ROMMON mode due to the lack of an image. I'm looking to get any and all available versions of the IOS for this WiMax base station.

    I'll give a reward of $10 via Paypal if someone gets me all the images or $5 for a single image. The reason I want older and newer images is due to the fact that newer images require GPS and I'm not sure if my unit is compatible.

    You can upload the files to a standard file sharing service; I'd appreciate it if you'd drop me an email (so I can discuss payment to you) in addition to replying via this thread.

    Thanks so much for all the help in advance!



    NOTE: I am putting this thread on a total of 6 message forums (as previously posting it on a single forum didn't net me any results.. grr), so make sure you write me ASAP; I will ensure that whoever contacts me first gets the reward (in the case of one person providing all images/software). Thanks!
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