Setting a Custom Power Plan autounattend.xml Guide For Windows Unattended Installs.

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    Thanx for this great tutorilal. I have only 2 power plans :

    Existing Power Schemes (* Active)
    Power Scheme GUID: 1d76e704-8ac3-4bb4-8fed-c225c1ed31cf (High performance) *
    Power Scheme GUID: 381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e (Balanced)

    I exported the "High perofrmance" plan and I am stuck. Don't know what to do :(.
    Could the backup power plan be on the usb key or it has to be on hard drive ?

    Thanx for your help. Greetings.
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    It can be on a USB key if you know the drive name, E:\ or whatever the drive is after a clean install, and you have the USB plugged in when installing Windows.

    Or if you only have one hard drive, divide it in two partitions in Computer Management 'Disk Management', first will be your C:\ drive you install Windows on and the second partition you leave untouched will be your D:\ drive.

    Edit: If you make a partition on you existing hard drive, right click your drives in Computer Management Disk Management and change the drive letters so the second partition is your D:\ drive, it'll be that by default on a clean Windows install.