Setting (Hidden) Secure Boot option in Asus Laptop BIOS

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    Aug 23, 2013
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    I have an Asus Laptop which supports UEFI and Secure Boot, but Asus hide Secure boot option in laptops which didn't ship with Windows.
    I installed Windows 8.1 on it and now I want to enable Secure Boot and fast boot. Contacting Asus support had no result.
    I searched on the Internet and found this:
    What do you know about it?
    Is it safe to do what that topic said?
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    Oct 11, 2014
    i could not find bt tool if you find can you give the link.
    me too have this problem i want your help so thanks in advance.
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    Oct 22, 2010
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    ASUS BT.EXE v2.03

                                 Build DATE:2004-06-21
    ASUS              BIOS Tool, Copyright by ASUS Rev2.03                    Diags
    BT.EXE <-Sw1> <...> [/Command1] [...] ... <Parameter1> <...> ...
       -C <block>: Select BIOS EDAB block (CNFG,MFG0), default is MFG0
       /R|/W <offset> [<data>]: Read/Write data from/to BIOS EDAB block
        -s: data in string format.    -n <n>: set the data length in bytes
       /RBit|/WBit <offset> <bitdata>: Read/Write bit data from/to BIOS EDAB block
        -> bitdata contain high-nibble(bitno,0~7) and low-nibble(bit value, 0 or 1)
       /UUID <offset>: Write UUID to BIOS EDAB block
       /RMAC <offset>: Read MAC address within UUID
       /WF <f1> <f2> ... <fi>: Write file data to BIOS reserved block
        -fn <f>: File content contain filename that write to BIOS reserved block
       /RF: Restore the file within BIOS reserved block
       /CB: Clear BIOS reserved block    /PD: System shutdown
     Return Code: OK(0), ERROR(-1)
       BT.exe -s -n 3 /w 00 ABC -> Write ABC to offset 00h~02h & check
       BT.exe -n 8 /r 60 > TEMP.TXT-> Read 60h~67h data & output TEMP.TXT
       BT.exe -fn fl.txt /wf -> Write data in file described in fl.txt to BIOS ROM
       BT.exe /wf d1.dat d2.dat -> Write data in d1.dat & d2.dat file to BIOS ROM 
       BT.exe /uuid B8 -> Generate UUID & write to BIOS EDAB block from B8h
    Get it here: (Drivers)/1. VORIGE MODELLEN - PREVIOUS MODELS/17W24+(TV) - (Z84JP+Z84JV)/QWERTY-AZERTY TOOL/BT.rar

    Windows version here:

    *If it works for you, I'd be interested to know which of the three commands it was.
  4. sb1370

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    Aug 23, 2013
    I could mod my bios using AMIbcp tool to make it show me those options, but winflash says modded bios file is invalid and refuses to flash it.
    How do I flash it?