Setting up a server for a small business

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    Nov 6, 2012
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    My girlfriend is staring a new veterinary practice and i am going to set up their computing platform.

    I was thinkingof getting a Fujitsu primergy tx100 s3p server (it has 8GB ram and 2x500HDDs), no OS installed. The roles the server needs to for fill is these:
    - Domain server
    - Terminal server (for 2-3 users)
    - App server (MSSQL, Office, etc)

    How would you recommend deploying this?

    - Running all on one OS?
    - Running AD, and apps on main then a HyperV os for the TS?

    OS side i was thinking of server 2012, thoughts?
    How is this with licensing?
    Maybe get another 8GB of RAM and put in.

    Secure storage and backup will be on a NAS.

    Thanks for any help.