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    Somewhat a week ago I experienced a horror story. While cleaning my apartment, I texted my friends and received SMS's and calls. At one point I heard sound from my phone. Not a "clock" sound i had for my text messages, but similar enough to make my looking my phone on the table. No light(s), so no new messages, everything right... correct? After receiving next SMS I realized all was NOT right! I had a crack in the glass of my SGS3!

    Now, I do understand that sometimes glass products can have tensions leading to faults. But... c'moon! It's nearly one year old phone and those kinds of faults should be well revealed by now! Notice, that the crack is not "spider web" type usually resulted by dropping the phone or get it hit by something. It's pretty straight line.

    The phone is from my service producer with 2-year contract, so why not send it to guarantee service?
    Well, my service producer has a contract with certain service, which has a hideous history with products sent to there. Multiple times they've sent back products unrepaired with "no problems found" even in clear cases, unneccessary SW updates when hardware is at fault, parts changed because of non-existing moisture problems, etc. o_O

    There is a good service, too. But I would have to send it there by myself. The d*** thing would not be covered by warranty, as it's not the service that my service producer have a deal.

    Yes, there is the Samsung 1-year deal (pay for work, replacement display free), of course. Having never dropped or mishandled my phone, I find that option unattracking.

    Having no phone while one is in service, is not acceptable for me. Luckily, I have a replacement. I just have to inform all of my contacts that I have a different number for some time, because the SIM card is not suitable for the replacement phone!

    So, the costs I end up, will be 80€ (display replacement by Samsung 1-year deal) plus postages. Nowhere in my imagination is a place for less expences. Naturally, smart phones display "can't" break if the phone is not dropped from 'x' meters to 'y' type (read: hard) of paving.

    So, goes it this way or other, I end up pretty much PO'd. Local Samsung was not much of help, so I'm waiting to see what that better service has to offer...

    Addition: Repair is a no go. Samsung campaign (80€ option) was out of the question, as to fullfill the campaign requirements, I should have delivered the phone in person to service... in another city. Other than that, the normal service fee for replacing the glass would be somewhere around 170-180€, which is way too much for me. It's bitterly funny how "oh-so-tough" Gorilla Glass cracks while phone is on the table by itself... and Samsung replies with "Samsung guarantee does not cover the glass."! My next phone will not be from Samsung.
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