Sharable/access visualisation tool ??

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    I'm having trouble accessing files on the network.
    I beleive I've had everyting setup correctly(when are you ever...)
    and still can not accesss files unless I have ADMIN privieges....
    IT is a pain in the ass....

    is there a tool that shows up to where you are allowed and not what is the problem ???

    example of simple complexity :

    USER ----->> member of group ALFA

    ALFA has acces permission RWED to Sharable
    has access RWED Root Directory
    has access R???? THe directory
    has access R???? the file

    user not part of home group
    user remote access bad
    user annonymous access bad
    user has OTHER CONFIDENCE link using other name remotely
    File in use

    up to now I only know the user is especialy not allowed to see
    what his access is so you do not know wht to change .....

    as administrator I have access and can not see what is wrong

    Is there a Single tool to help me ????