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    I have a small network of Win 7 computers, peer-peer same workgroup. All have the same user name and password and the data folders are shared amongst all in read only mode. Is there any way that I can allow the data to be changed but no file or folder deletions allowed over network?
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    On the host computer, you can try to edit authorizations of your shared folder (Properties -> Security -> Advanced) to disallow deletion for everyone (or modify authorizations for each User that have actually full access). You can also create a special User to allow it to delete folders and files for this shared folder for administration purpose.

    Please note that disallow deletion will disallow renaming. You have to create a subfolder (or file) with the definitive name (command : md "Folder_name").

    An exemple if you share your folder with "Everyone" ("Tout le monde" on my pic because it's in french) :