Shortcuts for Developer Preview

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    Jun 24, 2010
    The Start button takes you to Start Screen and lets you toggle between open apps
    Alt-Tab cycles through apps in sequence, as usual
    Arrow keys allow you to move through the Start screen
    Windows + C brings up the Charm menu, as does hovering over the lower-left hand corner of the screen
    Windows + F brings up the Search screen, though simply typing (when on the Start screen) is more convenient
    Windows + Z in a fullscreen app brings up the contextual menus
    Windows + D takes you to the desktop
    Windows + L locks the PC, invoking the lock screen
    Windows + P pulls up multi-monitor settings
    Windows + I brings up the Settings charm
    Windows + E invokes Windows Explorer, as ever
    Windows + R brings up the Run prompt
    Windows + Y makes all your open windows (and the Metro UI) transparent, so you can see the desktop beneath
    Windows + X shows Windows Mobility Center, which appears to serve much the same role as the Settings charm but on the desktop

    The Scroll wheel pans across Start screen, slowly
    Right-click brings up contextual menus in a full screen app
    Left-click on the Start screen brings up options to unpin, resize and uninstall apps
    Ctrl-Alt-Delete summons a screen with options to shut down, switch users, log off or quickly open the Task Manager