Should I choose Windows 7, 8.1, 10 Pro or Enterprise, or 2016 Server for simple streamlined privacy?

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by IAmAPC, Apr 4, 2018.

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    Aug 1, 2013
    To continue from here...

    Let's say my Windows activation is already taken care for; it's not an issue. Keeping ahead of Microsoft's shady privacy violations in various Windows versions is like a cat and mouse game - at least for most retail versions of Windows, as far as I know. Maybe not for Enterprise/Server; but I'm not an expert. Some say now the default install of Windows 7 inherited the same privacy violations that was part of Windows 10. Maybe Windows 8.1 is the way to go as it violates your privacy less than 10, but has almost the same modern features. Not that 7 wouldn't suffice my needs. But new, strict privacy regulations come in Europe called GDPR on May 25, does it mean the upcoming refresh of Windows 10 is better, or 'good enough' for most privacy concerns? At least the N (EU) versions? I'm looking for a simple desktop OS, even Enterprise (LTSB/LTSC) would suffice. I don't know if it's worth learning Windows 2016 Server as a desktop.

    To sum it up: Which windows to choose for a simple desktop, activation is not an issue, basically my only concern is I want no or the absolute minimal tracking if possible:
    - Windows 7
    - Windows 8.1
    - Windows 10 retail
    - Windows 10 Enterprise
    - Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB/LTSC
    - Windows 2016 Server as a desktop
    I want minimum tinkering with Windows and the most streamlined option to opt out Microsoft tracking for good, not playing cat and mouse games.

    Which one of these fits my bill best, and why? Strict privacy regulations coming to the EU called GDPR on May 25, just in time for the Windows refresh.
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    May 21, 2017
    Posting comment here because I'm interested in the answer
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    Mar 22, 2016
    If you want Absolute privacy while using Windows, then you need Windows Enterprise. That's the only way. These days, you can actually buy a legit license of Windows Enterprise for $7 per month (subscription).

    If you buy subscription, you won't get the Enterprise Volume ISO though. You will have to install Windows Retail (pro) and then use your MS account to unlock enterprise features. Legit volume license costs around $3000/year.

    Assuming you want a legit license.

    You can always use MDL tools to unlock Enterprise Volume ISO though.
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    That is just conspiracy theory BS. Stay away from people with tin foil hats.
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    Thanks for your feefback! It seems to me that Windows 10 Enterprise (LTSB) is the winner so far. Let's continue this here!