Sidewinder X6 Keyboard and Media keys problem.

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by gakias, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. gakias

    gakias MDL Novice

    Aug 17, 2009
    Hello everyone.

    Im having a slight problem with my keyboard's media keys.

    Basically it went like this:

    - I had winamp installed.

    - I installed intellitype software 7.0 (the driver for the KB)

    - All worked just fine, I could skip tracks, and play pause anytime, anywhere, just like I should be able to.

    - I upgraded winamp to the latest version.

    - Now the media keys work ONLY when winamp is the active window. Any other than that, and they dont work at all.

    Though mute and the volume knob work just fine.

    When I go to winamp > Preferences > Global hotkeys. I can see that the actions the media keys should be bound to, have a red X next to them, and even though I tried setting them manually, nothing happens.
    If as if the keys are not registering properlly, or something.

    I realize I could use the global hotkeys and just be done with it (which is what im doing in the meantime) but its kind of pointless to do that, seeing as I have the media keys right there...Id really like to sort this out and use all the potential of the keyboard.

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for any answers you might have.