Silly question, but I cant find an answer

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    If this needs moving, I'm sure someone will put it where it belongs. (Sorry, in advance if it's in the wrong place.)

    I've googled and bing'd in about 30 different ways, and still can't find a proper answer. I'd clicked a link by accident on a site. This would redirect to an entirely different website. The tab opened, but it was still "Connecting" when I closed it.

    What I am wondering is:
    Can the website that did not fully load (still busy connecting), BUT was manually closed before it had the chance to fully load, still acquire my IP?

    Lots of information out there on how to hide IP's, etc.. But not a thing available to tell you if a webpage doesn't fully connect, whether or not they can still gain your IP. I wouldn't think so? But that is why I'm asking. :confused:

    I clicked an off site link within a post I'd been enjoying. While scrolling, accidentally clicked a link they had inserted to their post. I'm not comfortable thinking the error may provide someone with my IP, even if the page didn't fully load. Interested in the post I had been reading, but not almost finding myself somewhere else. My laptop's mouse pad is a bit touchy (obviously), I don't mind if it happens usually, but in this case it was to a page I'm not so sure about, lol, and it bothers me thinking they could have it. It was to someone's personal blog, if that makes any difference.

    Interesting, nothing can be found to answer this simple question: Can a website gain your IP if the browser hadn't fully loaded the page? Yes or No? It even confused Siri! :p
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    Yes. If you have connected to a site then the server it was hosted on knows your IP.