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    hi guys! i was wondering if there's anyway to correctly determine whether a laptop has SLIC 2.0 or SLIC 2.1 even if the computer's using vista loader? i used the slic toolkit and RW-everything and as expected it shows that the SLIC is 2.0. I don't know whether this is really because the laptop's bios has a slic 2.0 in it or it's just because of the loader. I'm skeptical because RW-everything says that the OEM ID of the laptop is gateway while the SLIC toolkit says it's an asus. :p

    another issue on the same laptop, i've been trying to find out what type of bios it has. i'm confused because at startup, it says that its bios is phoenix trusted core. but everything else that i use to determine what bios it has says that its arima. according to rw-everything it's vendor is arima and its version is AXI.90.0D. so is it really a phoenix bios or is it an arima bios? of course, in the i'm asking so i know what the next step is if i want to insert a SLIC 2.1 table :D

    thanks in advance! :worthy:
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    Uninstall the loader

    Check BIOS again.

    Install Daz's loader.

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