Slipstreaming SP1 into a Hidden System Recovery Partion YES OR NO

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    Jan 19, 2009
    Is it possiable to slipsteam SP1 into a system recovery partition that is hidden

    so you when you recover your pc you then have all drivers & pre-install softtware plus your win 7 now as SP1

    what i mean can we change the recovery image that was made at the factory to include sp1

    also can we copy the recovery partition
    i know acronis backs up the system & i could include the hidden recovery partition
    look around not much info on editing system recovery partition
    please advise & guide me if possiable
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    A clear maybe is in my opinon the answer.

    First you have to make the hidden Partition visible.
    Look inside if there is a very large (about 80% of the size of the Partition if the is only one language) .wim File, there maybe more for different languages.
    If you found a suitable .wim chances are good for using the instruction (e.g. thread 24274-SP1-slipstreaming-guide) on this .wim file. Keep in mind that there can be more than one indexes per .wim file.
    In theory the system manufacture can use any imaging software he likes as MS offers good tools since Vista alternative got seldom like: Ghost, Trueimage and so on.
    The manufacture uses one of that it's best to reformat the Recovery Partition using Partitionmagic or any other Partitiontool and resize it to fit a backup of your installation.
    Now use your prefered imaging ool e.g. Trueimage and create a new Recovery Image on this Partition and on one or more removable medias to like DVD-R, BD-R, USB-Stick or external HDD.
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    found a little tool called "Windows 7 OEM Recovery Partition Tools Creator v2.0.7" that claims to;

    Create a recovery partition to allow easy and fast recovery to a working state of Windows 7.
    This is similar to the OEM recovery option used on brand name computers like DELL, HP or Compaq.
    This IS NOT a backup software. It should NOT be used to backup a full install of Windows 7 with your personnal files.
    Target audience
    OEM system manufacturer
    Power user
    Home technician that is bothered to always reinstall windows of friend's/familly computer

    When burning to DVD, you must close the window to burn the next disk.
    Required at least 3 partitions. More details in the instruction document.
    Create a complete image of the Windows installation
    Perform a non-destructive reinstall
    Perform a destructive reinstall
    Repair/Rewrite boot sector
    Offline file browsing
    Easy to add Sata/Raid/Netword drivers in the tool
    Media creator to create a DVD recovery set or a USB recovery media
    Password protect the recovery tool to prevent user to access/reformat/reinstall
    Nice GUI, no command prompt (except during installation)
    French, English, Danish, Swedish, Italian, German, Chinese, Romanian language included!
    Source code included for nearly everything
    Based on CMD scripts with AUTOIT gui
    Works for 32 and 64 bits version
    ImageX included, so you don't have to DL WAIK just for it
    Instructions included
    Script to SYSPREP the computer included (generalize or not, keep drivers or not, rearm or not)
    Option to create a Generic image file (please read instruction to have more details)

    What's new in 2.0.7:
    - New Wallpaper
    - Progress indicator while capturing/applying image

    google brings it to you, it's free, not quite what you asked but youll get the same end result.
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    Sep 7, 2010
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    you're not suppose to find it that easy, he links to his webpage in the first post..

    Try mount wim and the index and then integrate SP1.. Might work. Remember to have backup.


    Jan 19, 2009
    Tried Download Windows 7 OEM Recovery Partition Tools Creator v2.0.7"
    Problems when go to install this prog it say installation files are corrupt download again to reslove this
    done that same problem even same problem with v 2.0.6

    Does anyone know of a guide with a list of tools required to achieve slipstreaming SP1 into a image on a recovery partition that was factory made
    If someone knows of this have they used & what are the problems that may arise & is it possiable to acheive as this would certainly help a lot of people
    Plus i would need to 2 copies the recovery partition & work on the copied one then keep 1 original to restore to incase of problems
    This must surely be possiable because when microsoft final release Sp1 to oem partners they to will include it in future recovery partitions

    1.But would they just slipstream Sp1 into the image that only contains windows 7 minus any service pack
    2.Or would they create a new image that does contain Sp1 then ad drivers & pre-install software

    if the answer is option 2 then we would need to make a new partition with a image that includes Sp1 & drivers & Pre-install software
    then hide that image & make it a recovery partition that can be use as the orginal that was factory made
    i have a recovery partion & also have 4 dvd disc that i made of the recovery
    could i copy files of the dvd disc into the new partition i make & then add a new image of windows 7 home premuim but this image includes Sp1
    would that work or would their be any licence problem
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    @ Technoman as natas, stated first thing you need to do us unhide your existing recovery partition your just assuming that it is a Wim file image it could be ghost or other type of recovery images.
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    It really does depend on what manufacturer you have! For example HP recovery partitions from what i know are lot's of split wimfiles , But they can be exported to make 1 large wim file which can then be mounted and it may then be possible for SP1 to be Integrated! If the integration went okay then you would have to split the exported wimfile back into smaller wimfiles!! I say it's more hassle than it's worth!

    Your best bet would be to perform a full factory recovery install SP1 then use imaging software like acronis true image to make a full backup! That way you will have your factory image with sp1..:)


    Jan 19, 2009
    can explain more & guide me in the right direction
    i can see my recovery partition in acronis true image could how i would know if wim file image is a ghost or other type of recovery
    my recovery partition was done by packard bell & i have to use packard bell recovery management to recovery to when system was purchase
    it gave me option to make recovery discs -which i did
    then i removed the un-wated pre-install software install my own software progs that i use install my own internet security get all windows updates & security updates
    then install Acronis True Image Home & make a system backup that now includes my progs
    I have restore to this & it works fine
    I Have also recovery to the recovery partition that was setup by packard bell & that work also
    so would i be best to just make another backup with acronis of the system that now includes sp1
    i know that is the most easy way
    But i though it maybe possiable to change the original factory image or create my own but how would i get it to work i heard on some machines you need to press F10 to boot to the recovery partition
    also i know on some system you can only make 1 set of recovery disc i know that HP only allow you to create 1 set
    but packard bell (now Acer) aloow you to make as many you want
    i know that because when i restore my system to the packard bell recovery it gives me that option again
    my freiend restore his laptop using his disc then he misplace the disc & i help him recover to the factory recovery partition & he also got the chance to make system recovery discs again
    I would like to learn if changing the recovery partition could be done
    thanks for the advice sofar
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    Personally i would just use acronis it can make its own recovery partition but to be honest better make acronis backups to external HDrive or DVD your original HDrive could always break down and you have lost everything so recovery partitions are lost anyway. I can't help with original recovery I don't have HP or Packard Bell machine Ghost images used to have .gho file extension but that may have changed since vista or windows 7.
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    As ambiday wrote if you want an easy and fast solution do it like above.

    [Edit] have not seen your last post [/Edit]

    Your question is btw as precision as how do i repair my car?

    We neither now the manufacture nor the model.
    We don't know how you recovery partition looks like.
    We don't know if there is a wim file at all.

    Even if there is the slipstream is more complicated and consumes much more time as doing a recovery update to sp1 and create a new updated Recovery Partition.
    This way you can also include Applications like RAR, Office, Nero or what ever you count as basic tools.

    If you want to lear that's something different.

    Sometimes you can make the Recovery visible with just windows gui tools.
    As i use a german version i do not know the exact engl. steps

    Right click on MyComputer select manage select disk/volume management and try to add driver letter to your hidden recovery.
    If that does not work you need to use a partition tool that allows to set the partition type to most likely fat32 sometimes ntfs.

    You can try Paragon Mount Everything 3.0 Personal to have a look inside as it can access even linux partitions.

    When you tell us how it looks like inside your recovery partition we can tell you the next step if there is one.
    But without knowing what's inside it's just guessing in the wild.