SLP 1.0 what is the difficulty?

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    Hi Folks,

    I was reading about SLP 1.0 modification and how to activate XP / XP64 OEM-editions and found that the description here seem far to complictated.
    What I have seen is, the only tool you need is dmicfg.exe, because M$ stores all OEMs on those OEM-CDs.
    So, on an IBM-OEM-cd you can find the informations about HP, FSC, ASUS and so on.
    This in the end lead me to the point that you only need to pick some of those OEMs whose SLP-info is stored in the DMI-area.
    I have chosen Hewlett-Packard alienware FUJITSU-PC and IBM CORPORATION added those strings as manufacturer and product name and XP was happy.

    Maybe someone can verify this because that way it is not necessary to srew up boards and bios' by directly modifying them, since writing to the dmi can be done without risk.

    So memory mappings and those SLP-areas mentioned in the SLP 1.0 thread can be ignored as long as you choose an OEM that writes its SLP to the DMI, as the above ones do. I am modifying my bioses for SLP 1.0 for years using that method and never ran into any trouble.

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