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    From wikipedia:

    With SLP 3.0, OEM SLP keys are no longer used at all. Instead, a tool is used by the OEM to embed a unique key each computer's BIOS, making consumer versions of Windows 8 and later very difficult to pirate using the SLP insertion technique.
    So you can't use SLP insertion on Win 10 like you would on Win 7.

    1- How do you guys activate a pirated Win 10?
    2- Is there a fully offline way for activation like SLP insertion on Win 7?
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    That seems to be a bit old information, in windows 10 there is no oem:slp but a hardware bound MSDM (oem: dm).

    All proper KMS solutions do 100% offline activations.

    There is a full info post on all slp stuff, can't find it, maybe some can link to it?
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