Slp? What does these stuff mean?

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    I understand these things are for slp bios using dmi tool something, but are still very confused.

    Could someone explain these? What does each of the following stuff mean? What are they? How to make it?

    1. ----------------------------
    DELL (OEMBIOS CRC=99735910)

    f000,0000,ffff,Dell System
    e000,0000,ffff,Dell System
    f000,0000,ffff,9b80ca0d5dd061ec9da4e494f4c3fd11962 70c22
    e000,0000,ffff,9b80ca0d5dd061ec9da4e494f4c3fd11962 70c22
    f000,0000,ffff,27d66596a61c48dd3dc7216fd715126e33f 59ae7
    2. ----------------------------
    BIOS=f000,0000,ffff,ASUSTeK Pegasus


    btw, I think i dont need slp 2.0, since i only need a xp sp3 or 2003 sp2, those do not need slp 2.0, right? If I am correct, then you dont need to explain the thing abort slp 2.0. it's a futured question.

    Thanks you very much!
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    I don't really know how to use the info listed, but I'll try and explain what most of it means.

    This is how we identify an OEMBIOS set.
    Its obviously from DELL and CRC=99735910 is the CRC32 hash from the OEMBIOS.CAT file.

    I belive the f000,0000,ffff is the memory address in the BIOS were the OEM marker (Tattoo) is placed, in this case thats Dell System.

    This is pretty much the same, as you can see it uses the same memory address' only this time instead of Dell System you have a hex codes 9b80ca0d5dd061ec9da4e494f4c3fd11962 70c22
    OEMBIOS sets with these codes not only work on real hardware, but also work on Virtual PC, Virtual Server and Hyper-V.

    This second set:
    Is from ASUS and uses the Asus OEM markers ASUSTeK Pegasus and ASUS_FLASH in a slightly different memory address f000,c000,3fff.
    I don't know what the Hashtable part is so i'll leave that to someone else.

    Thats right.
    SLP 1.0 is for WinXP and Server 2K3
    SLP 2.0 is for Vista and Server 2K8
    SLP 2.1 is for Win7, Server 2K8 R2 and it seems Server 2011.
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    Thank you ZaFord really.

    You post is actually consistent with my guess.

    Besides the hashtable part, which is left for future. There are still some questions.

    1. The address: f000,0000,ffff.
    It seems this means an address range of {start:f000:0000, lenght:ffff}. does this mean one slp stirng within this range will be ok, or the range need to be filled up with all of them?
    2. How to insert some string into the range with a DMI tool? I tried a little with a dmi editor AMIBCP, and I dont see anything like that to enter some string data in the software.
    3. In the file for each brand, there are multiple lines of the format: [BIOS0=f000,c000,3fff,ASUS_FLASH], or: [f000,0000,ffff,Dell System], does this mean any single line will be ok, or all the lines have to be there, or each line is for some different version of products of that OEM?
    4. In the line: [f000,0000,ffff,9b80ca0d5dd061ec9da4e494f4c3fd11962 70c22
    , I noticed a space in its data part, so, it must be a string, not the actually hex code, correct?

    5. work for virtual machine! That's great to know, but then how do you slip a virtual machine?
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    Just the one

    Use the right tool for the job, there is a sticky about it in XP section

    Any one will do (you have a choice of one or many)

    There is NO space, it is how this forum breaks the lines

    Same as above, use the right tool for the job, you can start by reading the Virtualization section (it DOES depend what virtualization solution you try to use)

    But most important, ALL THE INFO YOU REQUIRE IS ALREADY EXPLAINED on this forum
    So please do spend some time reading

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    Thank you sebus.

    As you said, I searhed the site on bios mod tool and found a huge bios mod manual from a link in this site, I had a glance at it, I see it's quite something to read.

    Well, I dont have too much on this. I will be satisfied if I can have slp 1.0.

    So, all I need to do is just use some dmi editor (AMIBCP3.46 will be ok), to insert some slp string (dmi type 1 or type 2? ) into BIOS DMI, and dont need to bother with hashtables and locations, etc, correct?
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    Jul 23, 2008
    Just use the PROVIDED CD boot in Windows XP section

    Or mod the BIOS