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    Apr 20, 2020
    Hi all!

    Here is a Batch script that I created last year. This tool allows you to search for software items from one or several keywords, and save the results found in a log file. It can be very useful to create or improve a Portable version, completely uninstall any software or reset a trial period, for example.

    • Performs a search for items in specific locations (system folders, Registry)
    • Supports up to 5 keywords at a time
    • Fast and efficient process
    • Several search modes are available
    • Exports the search results for each keyword to a log file with the current date and time
    • Clear and precise layout of log files
    Information about this project:
    • Search results containing the following terms are excluded from the log file: "Log", "Cache", "Temp"
    • This project will be frequently updated to provide new features, fix bugs, and improve the interface

    + Added a feature to automatically run the script as administrator
    + Added several search modes
    + Added a feature to select the location of the log files
    + Added new locations to the search for items
    + Added a feature to find related keywords to those entered by the user
    + Added a menu of search tips and tricks
    * Major improvement of the search algorithm
    * Redesigned and improved the layout of the log file
    * Optimization of the code
    * Many miscellaneous improvements made to the interface and the user experience
    * Major improvement of the verification process of entered keywords
    * Fixed bugs


    + First version

    Download link:


    Many thanks to @GlacialMan, DoomStorm and @Krinal for testing and contributing to this project. :thumbsup:

    I also thank very much @aschipfl and @dbenham for their great character counters ( and, and @Pyprohly for the original VBScript code allowing to automatically run a Batch script as administrator (

    This project is open source. Feel free to report bugs, suggest improvements to the features or the interface, or simply give me your feedback. Any contribution is welcome! :)

    To do this, simply post your comment on this topic or send me a PM. I will be happy to answer you and discuss it! :animatedwink: