[Solved] Can't Mount ISO file(s) from external USB with Windows 8.1

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by LEXX911, Mar 10, 2015.

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    I recently reinstall Windows 8.1 on all 3 machine and now I can't mount any ISO files from my external USB2 and USB3. I am able to mount ISO files if I copy it to my internal HDD on my sata cable. Anyone have any idea what's going on? I was able to mount the iso before but after reinstalling I can't no longer mount giving me the error "Sorry, there was a problem mounting the file."

    edit: Ok, found out the problem. For some reason when Utorrent downloaded the ISO onto the external HDD. Windows 8.1 for some reason don't like these ISOs. But if I copy the ISO and paste it to another place on the same drive I'm able to mount it. I have noticed in the properties>details>attributes the copy ISO is name RAI but the original is RAPI. The files/drive must gotten screw up when the drive letter got change. Anyone know a better way to fix this instead of recopying and pasting the ISO files?
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